When you get distracted cleaning up the Studio…

art journaling

When you get distracted cleaning up the Studio…

When you get distracted cleaning up the Studio…

When we host our Art Journaling Series, I try to make efficient use of the Studio and run back-to-back classes using the same supplies. What happens most often is I’ll walk in on Friday morning after teaching Thursday evening, and my spot is still all set up from the night before.

A nice cup of coffee, a rainy morning, all your favorite supplies already laid out and waiting for you… What would YOU do? Wash brushes and water buckets or work in your Art Journal?

This page was a perfect one for Dina Wakley’s LARGE lady mask — one of my favorites. I was worried about some “stuff” and an upcoming meeting, so my magic white pen and scribble journaling gave me the courage to get through the day.

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