Kelli May-Krenz

Kelli May-Krenz

Kelli May-Krenz

I see the world in layers of textures, colors, details, and stories. I have always found meaning and discovery in little moments.

I create from a very authentic place by staying true to my imagination. Creativity is endless to me. Like breathing I simply must do it. My art always has layers filled with hope, cheerfulness, and wonder.

Sitting down with simple supplies, playing with shapes, lines, and textures. Moving pieces around to create what looks pleasing to me. Taking time to notice details helps me know when a piece is complete. This exploration leads to a knowledge of what my process teaches me again and again.

Art is the soul-filling place I go to each day. I’ve been able to tap into my imagination and create since I was six years old. I do this in my teaching by exploring so many techniques that are mindfully healing. Expressing feelings using papers, paints, threads, and words. I have the gift of showing others how to put away self-judgment and create from a real spirit-filled place.

I love connecting through social media.
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