Love – my Word of the Year


Love – my Word of the Year


I love choosing my Word of the Year each year and think it’s a powerful visual tool to have a canvas hanging in the studio reminding me of it. This year my word is LOVE. I think we can all agree that more love is needed in our world. Love of oneself, one’s neighbor, one’s customers, one’s teachers, one’s family. Love it is.

Earlier this week I hosted my first workshop of 2018 and, man, did I realized how much I missed being in the Studio with other creatives! I had an awesome class that dove in, took risks, and came out with powerful pieces for their Words of the Year!

word of the year

Word of the Year Workshop

I’m going to try and create as many works as I can this year focused on Love. Many will have the word, Love in them; some may just reflect images of love. Who knows,  maybe I’ll have a LOVE wall before it’s over.


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