Happy Hour Stencils

Happy Hour Stencils

If. you follow me on Instagram, occasionally you’ll see a cocktail, or ….two. Admittedly, I love Happy Hour and you know I love StencilGirl® Stencils!! Marrying them together was such a fun project and had me reminiscing about past weekends on Girlfriend Trips and laughter with dear friends. I hope you enjoy them! To order, click over to my designs on StencilGirl Products’ Page.

I think they will work great for invitations, card-making, scrapbooking or art journaling about awesome times with a few “Cheers!” thrown in. Here’s how I used them in some art journaling and invitations.

I hope you enjoy them, too! Make sure and tag me when you use them. I love seeing your artwork. These and my stitching stencils can be found on StencilGirl Products!


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