For Sale

The Loft @ Ephemera - FrontIf you are craving an artistic live/work experience and have an entrepreneurial spirit, I have a space for you to consider.

By now you’ve heard that I am taking a “Gap Year” in 2023 to take a much-need break, travel the world, spend more time with family and reassess what I’d like my art business to be and do moving forward.

Between now and 12/1/ 2022 I hope to manifest a purchaser for the building & contents so that someone can take over the shop, studio, workshop business, and furnished Loft apartment.

Although I will keep the Ephemera Paducah name and social media accounts attached to it, I would also be willing to include the website (the workshop functionality is not the easiest thing in the world to set-up) for the interested buyer as well as share my knowledge, processes and contacts for running the workshop business.

The building at 333 N. 9th Street in Paducah, Ky is @ 4700 s.f. & was built in 2007 during Paducah’s Artist Relocation Program. The original owners and I are the only folks who have owned it. It was built for this purpose – artist studio, retail, and living space — the lighting, ceiling heights, and functionality on both floors is amazing!

The first floor houses a large studio space, retail space, utility room, front and back doors, a half bath, and a small kitchen with a sink, microwave, and fridge. The back studio doors open to a paved patio enclosed by a wooden fence. The .24-acre lot also includes a gravel parking lot & storage shed behind the main building.

The Loft is an apartment that the original owners lived in until we purchased the building in 2013 which we furnished for AirBnB space a few years later.



The retail space has numerous displays and has amassed a sizable inventory of mixed media art supplies that pull aficionados off the interstate for unique shopping experiences. The value of the inventory would be calculated at the time of the sale.

The Studio is very well outfitted with tables & chairs to fit the space (24 comfortably with everyone at 1/2 of a 6’ table) and storage shelves lining the walls. A pull-down screen and overhead projection system make for fantastic demonstrations of art techniques and projects.

Ninth and Madison Properties, LLC (my husband and me) own the building and that entity furnished and manages The Loft. I am the sole owner of Ephemera Paducah which includes the inventory and fixtures in the shop & studio. We have financial records to the beginning of the business in 2013 and will be willing to share that information with vetted, interested parties.

Should a buyer not manifest by December 1, 2022, it will be liquidation time. I will list the property with our realtor and run some big sales in the hopes that I can start my Gap Year in 2023 unencumbered!

Please email me at: kristin@ephemerapaducah.com if you are interested and we will set up a time to Zoom or talk.

For more information, email Kristin