Won’t you be my neighbor?

mixed media painting

Won’t you be my neighbor?

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    Kristin Williams
    Kristin Williams is the owner of Ephemera Paducah. She adores mixed media and messing up her manicures with gesso, paint, glitter and other cool stuff.
  • Won't you be my neighbor?
    April 14, 2018
    9:00 am - 4:30 pm


mixed media collage

I have been a little obsessed with painting houses this year! Using a variety of collage elements and techniques, these neighborhoods make me smile. Won’t you join me, be my neighbor and create one of your own??

Using vintage papers, painted papers, and other collage material, we’ll create a neighborhood on an 18″ by 18″ wood panel. We’ll spend the morning getting our backgrounds ready and creating a stash of paper. Once adhered and painted, the finishing touches with penwork make it “just right!”

This a great workshop to learn some mixed media techniques in addition to leaving with a completed piece. So, yay!

Everything is supplied for this class, even lunch!

However, if you have ephemera meaningful to you — old letters, pictures, etc. — bring it to use (or copies if it’s too dear to glue down). You don’t need a lot, and we have plenty in the Ephemera Paducah stash to cover you.

No experience is necessary, but the minimum age to participate is 16.

Minimum 3 to make the class. We’ll cap it at 12 people, total.

mixed media collage


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