Talismans with Susan Lenart Kazmer

Susan Lenert Kazmer

Talismans with Susan Lenart Kazmer

  • Talismans with Susan Lenart Kazmer
    May 5, 2017 - May 7, 2017
    5:00 am - 1:00 pm

You’ve drooled over her jewelry designs. Gorged on techniques in her best-selling books. Purchased her many wonderful products. Now learn from the iconic Susan Lenart Kazmer in her 3-day workshop, Talismans!

May 5 – 7, 2017 | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Price: $379.00 with a $75 kit fee paid the first day of class. Lunch, drinks & snacks are included daily

Minimum 10; Maximum 20. Minimum age to participate is 18  

Day 1 – Wire Links – Forging with Ancient Techniques & Castin Resin

kazmer linksLearn the usefulness of this age old technique reminiscent of our ancestors long ago. Using 10 gauge bronze wire, explore the possibilities of how it relates to jewelry design, form and structure. Learn the correct methods for hand hammering and alternately annealing wire for malleability and compliance. This technique of rendering round wire, flat allows for a handmade rustic look and feel. Drawing a bead for closure. Use this link bracelet as the base of your Talismans charm bracelet or for housing amulets, fringe or personal mementos.

kazmer resinFocus on new works in jewelry and Resin as it has never been presented before in casting….sand, scratch, and scraffito your way into creating unique objects and ancient artifacts in jewelry in combination with metal. Focus and build with resin using multiple thin layers while learning new techniques and application for scratching, crackling, engraving, transferring of imagery, making marks and coloring surface with foils and tints. Learn different techniques in casting such as Dirty Casting and Glass resin casting. Build ancient relics.


Day 2 – Manipulating Metal

Challenge what is commonly held notions of what is considered jewelry. Gain knowledge of Susan’s studio style, tools and techniques for altering sheet metal and incorporating personal mementos and found objects to create wearable works of art. Learn metal techniques such as hand hammering, shaping, stamping, finishing and a variety of oxidizing methods. Add color, layer and style to your metalwork. Learn personal methods, formulas and techniques for altering, patterning and coloring the surface of sheet metal. Work with hand made traditional and nontraditional formulas to create colorful patinas and emulate artifacts from a lost civilization. Build dimensional pieces by dapping, folding, forming and cold join manipulation. Use these altered metal pieces to build a unique charm bracelet. Jewelry techniques include clean up, polishing, design, color and layout of ideas.

Day 3 – Making Connections/Riveting
Kazmer day 3

Combine layers of metal sheet, found objects and paper to create layers of negative and positive space to complete unusual wearable charms, Talismans and pendants. Focus on cold joining techniques such as riveting traditional, nut and screw, bundled objects such as a small stack of paper. Also, learn to add height and dimension by incorporating a technique using tubing which creates a hollow form. Learn clean up and finish work.  Use of jewelers saw will be helpful.

Your $75 includes the following:
  • bronze 20 gauge sheet metal
  • bronze 16 gauge wire
  • jump rings
  • mall link chain
  • 10 gauge bronze wire, as much as needed in class
  • silver 20 gauge for attaching links
  • rubber silicone
  • finished resin component to work on
  • expendables such as resin to use in class, mica flakes, powders and cold enamels, solder, sand paper, wire, liver of sulfur
  • tin snips
  • wire snips
  • needle nose pliers
  • chain nose pliers
  • small hammer
  • anvil
  • metal files
  • jewelers saw with size 03 blades
  • To personalize your Talisman bring small photographs, transparencies, personal objects, beads, tin scraps, found 0bjects, small precious objects, leaves, sticks, herbs, some small object to cast, etc.
    Optional- drill

Those interested in taking this workshop may pay $99 to hold their spots before 2/15/2017. The $280 balance would be due on or before 2/15/2017. For those taking advantage of the deposit system to hold your spot in the full weekend of classes, the balance of payment can be made via PayPal on this page.

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.