Snippet Rolls!

Snippet Rolls!


  • ephemera paducah
    Kristin Williams
    Kristin Williams is the owner of Ephemera Paducah. She adores mixed media and messing up her manicures with gesso, paint, glitter and other cool stuff.
  • Day 1 - Snippet Rolls
    September 14, 2022
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Day 2 - Snippet Rolls
    September 15, 2022
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Snippet Rolls are for you if….

You love making Parts.

You have a stash of fabric scraps you’ve been wondering what to do with them.

You swoon when you see these little bundles of mixed media joy!

But, I should warn you they are sooo addictive!

What can you do with Snippet Rolls other than stare at them adoringly? Infinite possibilities abound.

    • Use them for your journal cover
    • Fancy fixings for your Junk Journal
    • Fabric Fodder for an Art Quilt
    • Do you make Kelli May-Krenz’s Itty Bittys? Snip off what you need and you have a beautiful starting base
    • They’d be beautiful on a blue jean jacket, down the side seam of your jean, cuff of a sleeve or hem jeans
    • Amazing packaging for very special gifts
    • Hairbands, purse handles, backpack decorations
    • The base for a cuff bracelet
    • Infinite. Possibilities.

We will spend the first day making parts and prepping your Snippet Rolls including:

    • Talking about color theory and how to approach choosing fabrics, laces, and other materials to include in your project(s)
    • Stirring up a vat of Indigo Dye for dying natural lace and fabric. Using our stash of stencils and Gel Medium as a resist in the Dye Bath. Folding, twisting, and tying your fabric for a beautiful pattern.
      • Everyone will get some vintage lace and neutral cotton fabric in their kit but the vat will stay good for the length of the class. If you have something you’d like to throw in once everyone has had a go, we’ll use it until it is gone.
    • Stamping and stenciling words on neutral fabrics
    • Stenciling patterns on fabric
    • Stitching some small parts to include in your Snippet
    • Sorting, culling, and adding to your stash as you pull together the elements for your roll(s)

On the second day, we will assemble your strips and madly sew! Once the machine sewing is completed you can continue to add slow stitching, beads, baubles, and buttons.

By no means do you need to be an expert seamstress to be successful in this project, but you do need to have used a sewing machine a time or two in the past.

What to Bring: 
  • A notebook and pen for taking notes
  • Optional: Your sewing machine (in good working order). We will have two machines for shared use. Bringing your own will cut down on wait times. Bring your power cord, bobbins, threads, etc.
  • A reasonably small stash of fabric scraps. Don’t bring your whole bin. Make some decisions about colors you’d like to use and cull down your in-classroom decisions. A Kroger bagful will be plenty to get you inspired and you’ll have some to share. If you don’t want scraps and want to start fresh, purchase the smallest amount of yardage you can as a little goes a long way. Maybe 12 different pieces including some solids?
  • If you have class projects from stitching workshops that never got finished or are staring at you going “what are you going to do with me??”  bring those along. Old embroidered tea towels, a cross-stitched piece you never loved you’d like to sacrifice — these already-stitched items work great in this project. I haven’t tried incorporating needlepoint but that may work, too.
  • Vintage laces, beads, special buttons and/or 3-D objects, Cotton or Silk fabric you might throw in the Dye Bath. Again, a reasonably small stash of this – what fits in a gallon-sized baggie or smaller.
  • Your favorite colors of embroidery threads and black & white.
  • A basic hand-sewing kit — scissors, a thimble if you use one, embroidery needles, straight pins
Your registration includes: 
  • Lunches, snacks, and drinks each day!
  • Uhu Glue Stick
  • 3 base strips of neutral fabric each 45″ x 2.5″ You can make three (3) different rolls or one (1) huge one!
  • Vintage lace and neutral fabric to use in the Dye Bath
  • Access to the Ephemera Paducah stash of scraps, buttons, baubles, etc.
  • Use of one of two (2) Studio Sewing Machines
  • Three cool Cardboard Spools to keep your Snippets Rools handy!

Minimum 4, Maximum 12. The minimum age to participate is 16

Make it a getaway for a gang of fabric lovers. Take the ticket that says “The Loft + Snippet Rolls” and stay on-site with your friends (includes one registration and The Loft for three nights). The Loft sleeps up to 8 friends in 6 beds. Photos and details are HERE.

Please review our Cancellation Policy and Covid Policy before registering.


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