Stained Glass

Introduction to Stained Glass: February 2019

Want to break some glass? Play with Flux & Solder? Learn from someone with 25+ years of experience? Gaye Brewer will lead you in the process of creating stained glass in February. You'll walk away with a finished piece sized 8" x 10".


Kitschy Holiday Shadowbox

Do Kitsch and Christmas go hand-in-hand for you?? Do not miss this opportunity to dive into the Ephemera Paducah stash and create your very own Holiday Shadowbox!

Introduction to Sashiko Stitching

Sashiko stitching is a traditional embroidery style from Japan. Originally used for repairs and reinforcements, in the present day, it is more often employed for its decorative purposes. Sashiko stitching is a simple yet elegant embroidery style that creates repeating patterns of varying complexity.

paper palooza


Come make a stack of beautiful papers to use in your collage, art journaling, cardmaking or other paper endeavors!

Boho Bag!

Spend a Friday (in air conditioned comfort) with Val making a Boho Bag. You'll stitch and sew and embellish to your heart's content!