Covid Policies

COVID-19 Policies

Updated November 11, 2021

As McCracken County’s Covid-19’s positivity and infection rates are dropping, and the availability of boosters and vaccines for children is becoming readily available, we will be dropping part of our mask mandate for workshops at Ephemera Paducah.

Teachers at Ephemera Paducah have the option of requesting “Vaccine-only” workshops and those are clearly identified on the workshop descriptions. Please take note before registering for class. All of our staff and guest instructors have been vaccinated.

Unless otherwise stated on the workshop description, the policy is:

If you are fully vaccinated and will show your vaccination card upon check-in, wearing a mask during your workshop is optional; your call.

If you are not fully vaccinated and/or will not show your vaccination card upon check-in, you will be expected to wear a proper cloth or paper mask during your workshop.

Unvaccinated shoppers are expected to mask while in the store.

We will still use the overhead projection system for demonstrations, clean each evening and throughout the day, make a workspace available outside, weather permitting, for anyone more comfortable with that environment, and take other precautions as necessary.

Thanks for your compliance!

Updated August 11, 2021

On August 8 – 10, McCracken County, Kentucky, Paducah, Kentucky, and the Commonwealth of Kentucky issued warnings and requirements for masking in groups inside. Kentucky has specifically mandated that all schools — attendees, personnel, teachers, etc. — require masks in response to the highly contagious COVID-19 delta variant and recent U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance.

As McCracken County is “in the red zone” and our students travel from all over the United States, starting today, August 11, 2021, and until further notice, masks will be required for workshops and shopping at Ephemera Paducah. Appropriate masks are N-95 paper masks, KN95 paper masks, multi-ply paper masks, or cloth masks worn correctly and consistently over the nose and mouth. Plastic face shields are not considered masks and can only be worn if accompanied by an appropriate cloth or paper mask.

Earlier this year we offered a limited timeframe to request refunds for people who feel restricted by Covid-19 precautions. We have been clear that we will follow CDC and State guidelines regarding the safety of our customers, students, teachers, and staff throughout the Pandemic. Out of fairness to our 2021 Traveling Instructors who have been waiting a long time to teach, that offer is no longer available. Your option is to sell your seat to someone else should the current policy not work for you. Contact Kristin (270-443-0003) to see if there is a waitlist for your class.

Teachers will use our overhead projections system for demonstrations and can be far enough back to speak without a mask for demonstrations if they desire. When working one-on-one with students, masks will be required. We will continue to sanitize common areas, cleanse common supplies, eat lunch outside when possible, as well as offer up outside workspaces on the patio if desired.

Anyone who teaches at Ephemera Paducah as well as our staff is vaccinated.

Please don’t turn the staff or instructor into the “mask police.” If we have to ask you more than three (3) times to properly wear your mask, you will be considered to be in non-compliance with our stated mask policy, and be asked to leave the workshop.

I know this sucks.

It sucks as a business owner striving to do the right thing knowing that this will be seen as “political” rather than precautionary by some.

It stinks that we are reminded of this horrible virus as we make art and gather together albeit warily.

However, it keeps me up at night that my granddaughters are too young to be vaccinated and I could bring the virus to them. I would never forgive myself.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Wash your hands.

Thank you for your respectful compliance.

Kristin R. Williams, owner

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