Chocolate + Friends + Art + Fridays = Wonderful

November 13 - Fridays

Chocolate + Friends + Art + Fridays = Wonderful

November 6My soul is being fed by friends, art and chocolate. What more could a girl ask for???? For those of you new to my blog, the concept was hatched a few weeks ago when my friend Krystie helped me realize I wasn’t having as much fun in my Studio as I wanted to be having. Those of you who are small business owners know that one’s business is “a baby who never quits crying.” There is ALWAYS something that one *should* be doing. Always. So, I made Friends Making Art Eating Chocolate on Fridays part of my “to do” list. Voila! Productive and fun!
Friday November 6th I hosted Jennifer and Jody. Jennifer is a life coach, author, artist and all-around cool person to hang out with. She spent an amazing time in Europe this past summer traveling hard core with just 20 pounds of stuff for weeks and weeks on the road. We heard great stories of navigating exotic places and staying in Air B&Bs throughout England, Italy and France. Jodi is relatively new to Paducah and, too, a world traveler. She went back to school later in life and received her art degree while overseas. A spinner, knitter and lover of fiber, she had a yarnshop/workshop space in Maine before moving to Paducah. We had a big old time as Jody worked on “sketch” watercolor — getting it right before launching into the larger project, Jennifer drew her pretty girls and I dressed my snowpeople for the upcoming Holiday Artisan Market.

Advent calendarFriday the 13th a lovely crowd of 4 had  quite the productive day. Scarlet came down from Evansville and worked on about 27 projects at one time — “Mean Girl Voodoo Dolls” and a prepping a number of canvases. January 2015 Scarlet took the plunge and became a full-time artist and is rocking it!! Krystie, too, was a machine making her wonderful components for her art business, The Silver Chics, Valerie and I enjoyed taking Lesley Venable’s class here in August and have become enamoured with soldering. Val worked on making mixed media bottles as Lesley taught us and got a great soldering tutorial from Krystie. I worked on an advent calendar for the upcoming Holiday Artisan Market where you will also find Val’s bottles!

I think my favorite part of Friday was our lunch discussion. The constant battle to stay organized, streamline how much “stuff” we have in our studios, and staying on task was common to all of us. Scarlet translated her corporate training to full-time artist and, quite impressively, stops working 20-30 minutes before the end of each day and CLEANS HER STUDIO. That way, when she comes in the next morning she is ready-to-go and knows exactly what needs doing. Impressive. Krystie had the line of the day when she said, “the only way this day could be better would be if I was in my Pajamas and braless.” Next time, Krystie, next time.

Scarlet dollsKrystie Snowmen

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