Ephemera Paducah

333 N. 9th St
For Sale
For inquiries about purchasing 333 N. 9th Street contact Ashlea McMillan.
StencilGirl Artist
Did you know I was a StencilGirl Products Artist? Yup! I’ve designed a few StencilGirl Stencils that are stitching-related and a have ideas for more! Usually I carry my Stencils in the shop, but if you can’t get here to purchase, you can always find them on the StencilGirl website.

I ‘d love to see what you do with them in your artwork! Tag me on Instagram or Facebook when you create with them!

Kristin Williams
Thanks for visiting!
I am excited to be taking a Gap Year in 2023 when I will be enjoying making art, traveling to see friends and new places, playing with granddaughters and figuring out my next steps in our mixed media education world. Follow along with my social media accounts and Blog on this site. I am looking forward to rejuvenating and retooling. Stay tuned!


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