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Ephemera Paducah

Seth Apter class
Our Workshop Space
Our workshop space was designed with you in mind. We’ve crafted a comfortable, artistic space fashioned to be a refuge for those creative spirits who need a place to soar and escape from the daily grind. Stocked with supplies and chocolate, our studio will comfortably host workshops for 1 to 35 students. Sign up for our e-newsletters to receive updates on upcoming mixed media workshops and the national art instructors who will be teaching at Ephemera Paducah.
Ephemera Paducah
We are a Mixed Media Mecca!
We truly are a favored destination to those who love mixed media art and who want to learn from some of the country’s most renowned art instructors. We’re the art store that houses all of the products you’ve been reading about but haven’t been able to find in the big box retail stores. Explore our local shop and find artists’ tools that include StencilGirl products, Dina Wakley’s paints & mediums, Ken Oliver’s Colorburst, grown-up coloring books and so much more.
October 2016
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If you’re seeking the perfect piece to complete a mixed media project, then the stash we’ve collected in our art store is certain to please. Come explore a collection of yard sale items, flea market finds and treasures picked up on “junking” expeditions. Stumble upon a stash of cigar boxes, mother of pearl buttons, a doll head or a collection of old photos that will inspire you to create a treasured piece of your own.


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